The Philosophy of Château Mercian

Finesse & Elegance

Creating character, developing difference.

We believe that a good wine honestly expresses the qualities of the grapes from which it is made,
together with the climate, soil and grape growers of the region.
Based on this conviction, we developed the concept of "Growing Differences in the World"
(understanding the wines of the world in order to develop the particular characteristics of Japanese wine).
We seek out and pursue the unique character expressed only by Japanese wines.

We aim for a style of wine making that can be compared to a Japanese garden.
There is no one focal point, instead all the elements work together to produce complexity, depth and harmony (finesse).
Our wine-making philosophy can be summarised as "Finesse & Elegance".

"Japan recognized as one of the
world's foremost wine regions"

The Château Mercian brand is well known as the point of origin for Japanese wine.
Through this brand, our aim is to have Japan recognised as one of the world's foremost regions
for producing distinctive wine.
We also want Japanese wine to be appreciated and more widely consumed in Japan itself.
To achieve these goals, we never rest on the laurels of having been the first.
We constantly stand on the cutting edge, tirelessly seeking out new challenges.