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English Guided Tour

Château Mercian Katsunuma Winery Tour Infomation

At Château Mercian, we offer the English Guided Tour including a visit to the vineyard and facilities, explaining our history and passion for winemaking, wine tasting, etc.
This tour is not conducted on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. We are closed during the New Year holidays. For more details, please click the calendar.

Katsunuma Winery Operation Calendar (PDF)

Winery Tour Instruction and Requests

  • ・Those of you who drive a car/ride a bicycle, underage, pregnant or breastfeeding cannot have wine or alcoholic beverage tastings.
  • ・Because of the nature of the winery tour, customers must be 20 years old and over. And please refrain from participating with infants and children.
  • ・Pets are not allowed. However, service dogs for handicapped persons are not limited to this.
  • ・For sanitary reasons, we do not accept food and drink to be brought into the site.
  • ・Please understand beforehand that reservations for tours may not be accepted depending on capacity reasons.
  • ・On holidays, the winery is crowded, please be aware that we may ask you to wait for wine tastings.
  • ・For the safety and hygiene reasons, we ask for your cooperation in accordance with the instructions of the staff in the area.
  • ・The English Guided Tour requires a reservation in advance.
  • ・Please be aware that the selection available for tasting may change.

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Katsunuma Winery English Guided Tour

This luxury tour includes a wine tasting including Château Mercian's finest iconic series in the Ortus Room, a special space in the barrel cellar, as well as a tour of the wine museum, vineyards reflecting the seasons, and the winemaking facilities.

  • Duration
    120 minutes
  • Capacity
    6 people
    *Minimum number of participants: 2 people
  • Participation Fee
    15,000 yen (tax included)
  • Driver price
    5,000 yen (tax included)
  • *Unfortunately we cannot serve wines to person who drive a car/ride a bicycle.
    It’s strictly prohibited by Japanese low.

    *We will serve a bottle of non-alcohol sparkling Wine (360ml) to a driver.

    *Please pay a participation fee at the Wine Gallery reception upon arrival.


Wine museum, Iwaimura Vineyard, Katsunuma Winery (winemaking facilities, barrel cellar), tastings in Ortus Room.

Tasting items 6 glasses

A total of six wines are offered, including two of Château Mercian's best icons and a winemaker's recommendation that shows the character of the region and varietal.

  • Château Mercian Iwade Koshu Ortum / White
  • Château Mercian Jyonohira Ortus / Red

Welcome to Château Mercian

Château Mercian is the oldest winery in Japan with a history of 145 years of winemaking.
We will show you the challenges we have faced throughout our history and the thoughts of our winemakers, as well as the unique wines produced in the region of Japan.
We hope this will be an unforgettable day for you.
If there is anything you want to know during the tour, please feel free to ask questions.

Hospitality Manager Gen Ikoma

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